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Program Information

Architectural Design

“Students who successfully complete our program can earn college credit while preparing for a satisfying career in architecture or engineering technology.” - Mr. Bowermeister

Program Activities

  • Learn both architectural and mechanical drafting
  • Start with pencil drawing and advance to computer-assisted drafting (CADD) and 3-D Modeling
  • Receive hands-on training with real life situations
  • Potential for college credit and a Tech Prep scholarship from Sinclair Community College
The Architectural Design program covers architectural and mechanical drafting. Students are introduced to both fields and have a choice as to which they will prefer studying more in depth while at MVCTC. Students start on the drawing board with pencil drawing and then proceed on to drawing on computers in both 2D and 3D. They learn to document the information they are conveying to the person who will be using their print to build, be it houses or mechanical assemblies. As they gain expertise, they advance to more complex design and assembly opportunities.

In their senior year, students will continue advancing to more complicated work assignments. They will apply all that they have learned to solve more difficult design problems. Some students will have the opportunity to work on customer jobs as they become available, giving them even more experience involving real life situations, deadlines, and group work situations. Job placement is also a possibility in their senior year.

Many students continue their education after leaving MVCTC. Some choose to work on two-year associate degrees, while others continue on to get their bachelor's degrees. A few students enter the workforce immediately upon completing their education, choosing to continue their schooling part time. It is recommended that students work towards a minimum of an associate degree to be viable in this career for today's workforce.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

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Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 100% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program

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