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Program Information

Graphic Commercial Photography

“One of the most important benefits of this program, beyond learning basic techniques, is the ability for the students to think on their feet and problem-solve any obstacles they may run into and to prepare students for the world of work and deadlines in commercial photography. ” - Mr. Baker

Program Activities

  • Study camera functions, lenses, film/paper, lighting techniques, color technology, digital photography, studio techniques, digital image editing, and composition
  • Develop a professional portfolio
  • Compete in a variety of local and regional photo competitions
  • Potential to test out of entry-level photography classes at the post-secondary level
The MVCTC Graphic Commercial Photography program offers a two-year, in-depth study of commercial photography. The program starts out using traditional silver-based film and transitions into new digital technologies. It is an overview of all camera formats from small 35-mm up to large format cameras. Students will receive extensive training of lighting in the studio and on location, and digital image editing software. During the last half of the senior year at MVCTC, students focus on portfolio creation.

Junior students in the photography program begin working with black and white film, paper, and chemistry to do a variety of assignments. Next follows more advanced 35-mm skills using the manual exposure controls on the camera. Time is then spent on improving artistic expression and composition. The second half of the junior year is spent on entry-level digital imaging and image editing.

A flexible, long-term photography project is assigned to juniors in May. Students begin working on this assignment over the summer and then complete the project at the beginning of their senior year.

Many students who complete the MVCTC Graphic Commercial Photography program go on to work for photographers or studios within the Dayton area. Many elect to pursue further education by attending local colleges, such as Kaplan University or Antonelli College in Cincinnati.

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Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 95% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program

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