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Program Information

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

“Promotions have come quickly to those students who put the most effort into their learning. The job force needs people who have a desire to learn and to put forth the effort to be successful. There will always be a place for students skilled in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing trade.” - Mr. Routzohn

Program Activities

  • Study basic electricity, air conditioning, heating, brazing, soldering, electrical circuits, metal fabrication, installation, blueprint reading, fuel systems, and OSHA training
  • Opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship program
  • Potential to earn college credits and a Tech Prep Scholarship from Sinclair Community College
  • Potential to earn college credits from Hocking College
  • For more information on a career in the Heating and Air Conditioning field, check out the web link below
The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program is a step into the workforce! This program strives to duplicate the real work environment found in the heating and air conditioning industry. All the equipment used in lab is the actual equipment found on the job. Students will be given high skilled knowledge on the latest technology and a peek into the many different areas of the HVAC trade.

HVAC students will work on different projects on and off campus during the school year. They will be taught to work with copper by cutting, bending, soldering, and brazing to make leak tight joints. Students will learn to read and install from wiring diagrams. As part of the hands-on lab experience, students will: fabricate sheet metal ducts using bending and forming equipment, charge air conditioning systems with refrigerant, and learn to read gauges to evaluate the system, and remove and replace parts within the systems, heating and air conditioning units.

After completing the program, students have taken jobs as service technicians, furnace/air conditioning installers, or sheet metal installers/fabricators. Some students have used their learned skills to take jobs in the electrical and plumbing trades. Another option for student completing HVAC program, is to take the skills and continue their education at the college level.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

This shows the % of job growth expected in these careers through the year 2020. To learn more about these careers, click on the names below.

Industry Standard Certificates

  • OSHA

Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 80% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program
  • 15% of the students that completed this program obtained technical skills

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