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Program Information

Digital Design Technology

“Digital Design Technology Tech Prep is centered around creative graphic design concepts within the media of Web, TV, and printed materials. Use your creativity and our technology to learn how to communicate visually to a diverse audience!” - Mrs. Massing

Program Activities

  • Potential to earn college credits and a Tech Prep Scholarship from Sinclair Community College
  • Study graphic design, photography, video production, audio production, multi-media production, web page design, and animation
  • Learn to use Adobe Creative Suite design software
The MVCTC Digital Design Technology program is all about using computer software and technology to create advertisements, websites, animations, videos, and other means of visual communication. Students learn the principles and elements of graphic design applied to visual media. In addition, students learn photography, videography, and audio production. Three-dimensional modeling and animation is introduced on a basic level during the second year of the program. Web content management systems are also introduced through a client web design project developed during the senior year. This program is taught by an instructor who is a CIW Certified Web Design Specialist.

During the junior year, students are introduced to basic concept development and applied design theory. Software used includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, After Effects and much more.

Senior students expand on the skills learned during the junior year through many projects and the development of a senior portfolio website.

Students complete projects in animation, web design, and creative filmmaking throughout both years.

This field is very competitive and students should pursue post-secondary education to ensure the best opportunities for employment after graduating from the MVCTC Digital Design Technology program. The Digital Design program aligns with Sinclair Community College Visual Communications Associate Degree. Students who satisfactorily pass proficiency tests will earn college credit towards their Associate Degree through Sinclair Community College while still in high school.

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Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 88% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program

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