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Program Information

Brick, Masonry & Concrete Finishing (Seniors Only)

“This program will help students get a head start in a trade that will allow them to make a good living and have lifelong training that no one can take away from him or her.” - Mr. Van Culin

Program Activities

  • Opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship program
  • Potential to earn college credits and a Tech Prep Scholarship from Sinclair Community College
  • Potential to earn college credits from Hocking College
  • Learn to lay brick and block, concrete, chimney, arch, and fireplace construction
  • Opportunity to work on client projects off campus
  • For more information on a career in the brick, masonry, and concrete field, check out the web link below
The MVCTC Masonry program will teach students to lay different kinds of brick, several types of block and stone, how to prep and pour concrete, including a new process of stamping concrete, and how to lay glass block and ceramic tile. They will learn about different scaffolding and techniques to set the scaffolding in different conditions. Students will also be trained on how to run a skid loader and a forklift. In additional to attaining these skills, students receive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training.

MVCTC Masonry students will work on different projects on and off campus during the school year. They have, in the past, worked off campus to lay brick additions on homes, built a 20x30 block building 10 feet high, and poured several concrete projects, including four stamp concrete jobs. Students apply the knowledge learned in lab to assist MVCTC partner schools by laying concrete block baseball dugouts. One of the larger and more rewarding projects students work on in lab is assisting other construction trade programs in building the Habitat for Humanity House. Each year, Masonry students assist with the Habitat project by pouring the footers and laying the foundation for the home. General weekly lab projects may include everything from small brick projects, whole foundation projects, to composite walls of brick, block, insulation, flashing, and putting doors and windows in the projects. Students will also learn how to lay brick, block and stone on the house facade used for simulations in lab.

After completing the MVCTC Brick, Masonry and Concrete Finishing program, students will be able to go out on the job trained to enter an apprenticeship program to become journeyman bricklayers.

For more information on this career field, check out the links below:
Mason Contractors Association of America
Occupational Outlook Handbook - 40% Growth Rate

Hocking College - 17 credits
Sinclair Community College - 16 credits

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