Aspire Happenings at the Dayton Metro Library


The MVCTC is fortunate to be partnering with the Dayton Metro Library by offering ASPIRE classes at the beautiful, new main library in downtown Dayton. Since January of 2018 classes have been held at the new facility every Monday and Wednesday. This location offers classes through the summer so students can keep the momentum going year round. The students in this class, taught by Cheryl Anderson, are working toward a high school equivalency or preparing to take the Work Keys test for the Adult Diploma Program.

Regarding his experience in Aspire classes at the library, Jacob Webb writes, “When I first came to this class, I was looking to get my GED. However, upon entry, I was happy to learn I qualify for the Adult Diploma Program. Excited at the opportunity, I asked for more details and learned they have a class for robotics! The Aspire Program is a great program to use as a stepping stone to reach my goal in understanding and utilizing Augmented Reality. If I could share some advice with future students, it would be, ‘Don’t give up.' You still have a chance to earn your high school diploma and a certificate in a trade. Take advantage of it."

Jacob hopes to enter the Adult Diploma Program this spring and is interested in taking the robotics class at MVCTC either this summer or fall.