MVCTC Allied Health Alumnus Returns to Teach Adult Education Phlebotomy Classes


Introducing Bethany Hatton, MVCTC Adult Education Phlebotomy Instructor.  Bethany is an MVCTC High School Allied Health graduate.  She has worked for the past 10 years as a phlebotomist and is currently employed at Dayton Children’s.   Bethany returned to MVCTC as an Adult Education Phlebotomy Instructor 3 years ago.  “I am thrilled to me back at MVCTC as an instructor.  Teaching contributes to my professional and personal growth. Watching students succeed in phlebotomy makes me feel proud.”


Interested in becoming a Phlebotomist?  MVCTC Adult Education Phlebotomy classes are twelve weeks long; two (2) nights per week.  Classes are starting the week of February 24, 2020.   Enrollment is limited.    For more information about upcoming classes, click on this link .