MVCTC Aspire Student Success Story

One of Aspire's recent GED grads was awarded a scholarship from Sinclair Community College. Her story is in the photo below. Congratulations, Valerie, and good luck!
Valerie's instructor shared, "I want to applaud Valerie for being such a motivated, active, student!! Her class participation has not only helped her accomplish her goal of GED completion at a super-fast pace, but she has been so helpful to her virtual classmates!! She has given her classmates very strong and insightful strategies and study tips. Valerie's suggestions have helped all of her classmates become more academically successful!!
I am so proud of Valerie's accomplishments and I am excited to see her take the next step and start Sinclair Community College on August 23, 2021! Valerie also received a $500 scholarship from Sinclair that is designated for Aspire graduates to help her with college expenses! Reach for the stars, Valerie! "