The Adult Diploma - An Option to the GED


     The Ohio Adult Diploma Program offers students an alternative option to the traditional GED. It is an educational innovation which combines academic achievement with the learning of a skilled trade. A high diploma is earned once the student successfully completes the requirements of attendance, appropriate WorkKeys scores, trade course requirements, and a certification exam. It is in its second year and has been highly successful.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Tracy Pinkerton is a recent graduate of the Ohio Adult Diploma Program from MVCTC. A mother of four grown children, and now a grandma, Tracy had been bartending for 14 years when she found herself out of a job when the bar closed. With no high school diploma and no job she knew that making ends meet financially was going to be a struggle. She had a background in phlebotomy; but was never hired due to her lack of a diploma. Once Tracy started attending MVCTC to become a Nurse Aide she went full speed ahead. Her ultimate goal of being a registered nurse began with the ADP as its launching point. Upon graduating, she was hired immediately at the Community Blood Center. She intends to continue her education at MVCTC in the LPN program this summer. In her own words, “The Adult Diploma Program changed my life. It gave me a fresh start towards independence. Being able to help our family financially makes me feel better about myself. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Amy Wittmann is the coordinator of the Adult Diploma Program (ADP) at MVCTC. With 25 years of experience in the field of education, Amy has taught and worked with many high school and adult students to help them on their academic journey. She was approached about MVCTC by an ABLE instructor while working at Sinclair Community College in 2013. Originally hired as the ABLE Transitions Coordinator, Amy quickly broadened her academic advising role by taking on the new pilot for the Ohio ADP. Her other roles at MVCTC also include program coordination for MSSC Logistics and Manufacturing certification. Amy is married and has four children, ages 9-16. In addition to participating in her children’s activities, she has a wide range of interests and enjoys many physical activities such as dance, zumba, and anything outdoors. Amy is proud to be a member of the MVCTC staff and finds her work very rewarding. She believes engaging students and assisting them to find their passion are keys to their success.