MVCTC Aspire/Adult Diploma Grad shares, "It’s Never Too Late!"


Today is 12/11/2018, and I must say these past couple months have been a lil rough... So for the past three years to be exact, getting my High School Diploma and going to college has been heavy on my mind. Furthering my education was major and my top priority. So three years ago I signed up for an Adult Diploma Program at Miami Valley Career Technology Center Adult Education. I was there thinking I got this, but then boom I saw the math test and gave up completely. Life Happens, and I wasn’t ready and or prepared to be in school. At least that’s what the Devil wanted me to believe!

So with that being said, three years later, I told myself, as I had three years ago, I am claiming this, and there will be nothing that gets in my way! 

I will take and make any sacrifices that may try and alter my ability to be great! 

This came with many struggles. One of the most difficult struggles was that I was homeless! I was sleeping in my car, and it made my daily tasks very difficult.

I sacrificed all that I had and all that I knew, and failure was not an option. I was kicking 40 in the butt, and I wanted this so bad and had for many years! 

Finally, my dreams came true; I passed the Workkeys Tests, excelled in my Phlebotomy Training, and completed my Adult Diploma as well as became certified in Phlebotomy. 

My next step is to start Sinclair Community College and become a Respiratory Therapist! 

I wish everyone that I had the opportunity to meet the students I studied with, nothing but the best of luck in life as well as your future! Who said the sky's the limit when there are foot-prints on the moon! Fellow Classmates, I look forward to turning a tassel with you soooooon! Good Luck and you got this!!

I’m Kicking 40 Years Old in the Butt, and It’s Never Too Late!
Written by Stephanie Hamilton, ADP Grad and Phlebotomy Certified