Immigrant and Refugee Employer Roundtable Series Scheduled


In collaboration with Catholic Social Services, Welcome Dayton, and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, MVCTC is hosting a series for employers to learn more about hiring immigrants and refugees. The Immigrant and Refugee Employer Roundtable Series consist of three sessions: Ready, Set, Recruit: Attracting a Foreign-Born Workforce (this was held February 12, 2019); Workplace Integration: Creating a Culture of Success (April 25, 2019); and Employer Exchange: Sharing Strategies (October 8, 2019). During the first session, over 40 companies and organizations learned about the foreign-born population in Dayton, best practices in recruiting, and the benefits of hiring refugees and immigrants. Additionally, participants were able to listen to a three-person panel of employers who currently hire this population discusses the benefits, challenges, and successes they have encountered. At the end of the session, the organizations were given the opportunity to reflect on their own company’s processes and procedures to see if they are making their jobs accessible to applicants who have low English skills and if not, what could be some easy steps they could take to alleviate some of the obstacles.

A special thank you goes to Chef Gary, Karen Eckardt, and the Culinary Supervisor students for putting together a delicious Greek lunch, which was sponsored by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Two more sessions will be offered. “Workplace Integration: Creating a Culture of Success” will be offered on April 25, 2019, and “Employer Exchange: Sharing Strategies” will be held on October 8, 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about this series or registering for an upcoming event, please email Lindsay Tate at