Career Connections

For Students in Grade 10


To introduce students to potential careers through:

  • Guidance and individualized academic support to ensure credits are acquired for graduation
  • In-depth career-technical experiences
  • Development of study skills
  • Participation in employability education

Career Rotations

Rotations in career fields provide broad exposure to potential career pathways and the opportunity to earn industry certifications.

Exploring Agriculture

Are you interested in agriculture or the environment, or do you like working outside? Students will be given the opportunity to learn how agriculture and agribusiness affect their daily lives. This rotation is designed to give students a general understanding of the importance of the agricultural industry.

Exploring Business

Are you interested in business ideas, leading people, or making decisions to help a business be successful? While there are many different career choices in the field of business, in this rotation, students will explore the skills they will need, common tasks, and characteristics of various business careers.

Exploring Technology

Are you interested in computers or technology? This rotation is designed to introduce students to various careers in information technology. Students will learn about the vital role of IT in the modern world and its impact on the personal, business, and organizational levels.

Exploring Healthcare

Are you interested in learning about the many opportunities available within the healthcare industry? You will participate and learn about various career opportunities such as nursing, radiology technician, physical therapy, and many more. You will also learn about the many credentials that could be obtained like EKG technician, Dental assistant, CPR/First Aid. This rotation is designed to help students explore all the opportunities that are in the healthcare field.

Exploring Automotive Technology & Transportation

Are you interested in learning about the many opportunities in Automotive Technology? In this rotation, you will demonstrate how to change engine oil and filter, and perform a chassis lubrication. You will also learn how to perform entry-level vehicle service tasks such as headlight aiming, windshield wiper blade and light bulb replacement and new vehicle prep. Students will be able to change a tire and reinstall the wheel using a torque wrench. You will also learn how to apply safe work habits and work ethic principles.


(Dependent on Career Rotations)

  • RISE Up
  • First Aid/CPR
  • OSHA 10

How to Apply

Visit to learn more.

Applications will be reviewed in the following order

  • Partner school students reviewed in early February-August
  • To the extent that there is space available, non-partner school resident students reviewed in Mid-April-August
  • To the extent that there is space available, open-enrollment students reviewed in early May-August

Advanced Acceptance

At the end of the 10th grade year, Career Connections students have options:

  • Apply to a career-technical program at MVCTC for students who are on track to graduate - Five seats will be held annually for each of MVCTC's 43 career programs
    • If more than five students select the same career-technical program, a lottery system will determine which five will be offered an enrollment opportunity. Students not selected as one of the five for each advanced acceptance will still have the chance to apply for the career-technical program of their choice as part of MVCTC's application process
  • Apply to Youth Connections to catch up on credits needed for graduation
  • Return to their partner district for junior year

Please Note

  • Acceptance to Career Connections will be limited. If more applications are received than available seats, a lottery system will be used to determine acceptance offers
  • Advanced acceptance does not apply to non-partner school resident students or open-enrollment students
  • Students enrolling in Career Connections should be comfortable in an online, asynchronous academic learning environment within-person instructor support provided
  • Career Connections is not recommended for students who would be taking Pre-Calculus or higher math
  • If a student has more than three credit deficiencies at the end of their freshman year, it is recommended that they apply for Youth Connections and not Career Connections
  • Students must be enrolled at a partner district or another public or private school in Ohio for admission and continued enrollment at MVCTC. Admission priority will be provided first to students currently attending one of our 27 partner schools and then second to students currently residing in one of the attendance districts of the partner schools.
  • Final acceptance for admittance for a student on an IEP will be determined after an IEP meeting is convened with an MVCTC representative in attendance
  • Visit for a full list of career-technical programs offered for juniors and seniors at MVCTC