How to submit a Job Posting

Thank you for providing employment opportunities for MVCTC students and alumni!

To submit a job posting, please fill out the information on the Submit Job Posting page and attach your job description in PDF form. Your posting will be removed from the website on the designated end date.

The job opportunity will be posted to our MVCTC website, alumni Facebook page, staff newsletter and shared with appropriate instructors.

For further information contact Pam Bartley.


  • MVCTC has over 40 high school programs and 16 adult education full-time programs.
  • If your job posting is not filled before the ending date of the post, it may be resubmitted.
  • MVCTC does not keep student or alumni resumes on file. It is the student or alumni's responsibility to contact you.
  • The job postings may be seen by anyone viewing our website; therefore, you may receive applications or inquiries by persons other than our students or alumni.