January 2021 Construction Updates from Dr. Weldy


The construction process continues to be negatively impacted by the pandemic. There have been delays in receiving equipment and obtaining sufficient amounts of the highly skilled labor required by the project. Fortunately, the delays have been fairly minor given the huge challenges related to COVID-19.


At this point in time, both the north and south wings are slightly behind schedule. The district has recently received a temporary certificate of occupancy for the south wing. This allows us to move equipment, supplies, and other instructionally related items into the nearly finished spaces. The building will need to receive full approval before staff and students can fully occupy the space. With that said, our current goal is to fully move into the south wing in January or early February and the north wing sometime in mid-May.

MVCTC has 11 current senior students working on the district’s building project. The apprenticeship students are doing well and are earning a nice paycheck as well as great experience! We expect a number of the students to eventually be offered full-time positions upon graduation.