June 2021 Construction Update from Dr. Weldy


School is out and the construction crews are moving in! June and July are extremely busy months for the construction team. During this summer, our goal is to demolish the vast majority of the East Building, finish minor items that need addressed in the F hallway and C hallway, and continue work on the Multi-Purpose Activity Center (MAC) so that it can be ready for us around January 2022.

Another exciting element of the remodeling/expansion project is that we will break ground on the new agricultural complex in the next week or so. The new complex will include a new multi-species animal facility, manure storage area, heavy equipment barn, and a refreshing of the current agricultural equipment barn. We will also be installing all new pasture fence in the area of the complex, which will greatly expand our current pasture.

A view of the second story building spine (B hallway).

In about 20 months, this will be finished academic and elective classrooms, as well as office areas and meeting spaces.

Roofing on the second story

The dedicated roofing crew putting on an essential piece of the structure on the north end of the building.