September 2022 Construction Update from Dr. Weldy


The construction project looks great and is moving at a frenzied pace. The anticipated timeframe for the move into the building’s spine is approaching in a few months and the construction team is working diligently to ensure we make all of the deadlines.

The builder has continued to struggle to obtain necessary construction materials due to supply interruptions. This month’s challenge has been electrical breakers. The good news is that we were initially missing hundreds of breakers but are now down to about five and they are all related to water heaters.

Applying final finishes such as paint, ceiling tiles, cove base, and carpet have been the point of emphasis in the last few weeks on the second floor and will continue throughout the next month. Non-carpeted floors in labs and workrooms are being polished and cleaned. Storefront glass is being installed on the first floor and classroom doors are being set in place on the second floor. Lights in the hallways and classrooms are operating in greater numbers each day. Overall, we are heading in the right direction and still on track for our upcoming move.  

The base course of asphalt outside of the labs to the east of the building is currently being installed and will be ready for use when we move into the new spaces.

The final elements of the heavy equipment barn will be installed over the next month and we will soon be able to finalize the entire agricultural complex so it is available for staff and students.

As we near the end of September and move into October, we will be installing the large equipment orders for precision machining and dental assisting. Once the equipment is set, the construction workers will connect these items to the necessary utilities. Our maintenance and technology staff will also be busy working on the project site in the next couple of months installing computers, equipment, and smaller items that the District has taken on as part of the project. In addition, furniture for all of the spaces will also be arriving over the next few months and will be installed in each instructional and office space area as they are finished and reviewed by the construction team.