November 2022 Construction Update from Dr. Weldy


During the months of October and November, knowing the beautiful fall weather won’t last forever, the construction team has focused on continuing work throughout the building’s center section and closing up exterior roofing and siding. Metal roof panel installation is complete throughout the two-story section. Final crimping of the roof panels is in progress and will be completed in the near future. Exterior metal panel and siding installation are ongoing throughout the exterior of the current phase and nearly complete. All exterior glass panels will be installed in the next few weeks, with only a few left remaining. Concrete door stoops are being poured and topsoil has been laid and seeded in some areas.

On the first floor, final finish work is in progress. Casework is complete in most areas and the contractors are working in two areas to finish those before the end of the month. Resinous flooring (epoxy) work is nearly complete in the bathrooms and other related areas. Carpet installation is nearing completion throughout the current phase. Polished floors and epoxy borders in those areas are also nearly finished with the exception of a few career-technical lab areas. Ceiling grid installation is now complete throughout the first and second floors. 

On the second floor, the vast majority of work is complete and the building team is identifying small items that need to be touched up before the staff moves into these spaces. Technology is installing the ViewSonic interactive boards that will be in each classroom. They are also installing new computers and other technology at each staff member’s work station. The vast majority of furniture, in both instructional and office areas, is in place with only a handful of desks that are expected to arrive in a week or so. 

The overall project schedule continues to stay on course. There will be minor items that need to be addressed later in the year but the major items that permit occupancy and functioning instructional and office spaces will be in place as expected. It is an exciting and busy time at MVCTC!