September 2023 Construction Update From Dr. Weldy


The construction team has continued to focus on the construction project's last four remaining interior areas: Areas A, B, C, and H.

In Area A, the majority of walls have been covered in drywall, and the first coat of paint has been applied. Interior finishes will soon be installed, and equipment and furniture will follow. Area A is the closest to being complete of the four remaining areas.  

The overhead rough-in of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing elements continues in Areas B and C. The first pieces of drywall are being installed, giving the classrooms a more finished look. The building roof is nearing completion, except for the roof edge work, which will be finished shortly. Work is being done on the west side of the building to get it dried in before the weather turns cold. This includes the placement of storefront and curtainwall glass.

The last pieces of structural steel set and exterior walls have been completed in Area H. The final concrete slab for the project's interior has been poured, and the last curtainwall will be installed next month.

The multi-purpose gymnasium has now been turned over for the school's use. This includes the installation of the wrestling mats that will be used as part of the curriculum for the Criminal Justice program and several others.

With good autumn weather on the horizon, the construction team will continue to make progress towards finishing the building by the deadline.