November 2020 Construction Updates from Dr. Weldy


The district was notified that the north wing of the building project is farther behind than expected. Our goal was to move into the north and south space in December/January.


The newest estimates have now placed that timeframe for the north wing sometime in April. To be able to have the north wing ready for staff and students in early January, the Gilbane Building Company would need to spend a considerable amount of money on schedule acceleration. In discussion with Gilbane, the district has decided that we are not in a hurry to get into the north wing, especially if it means spending funds that can be better utilized in a different portion of the project or on career-technical lab equipment at the end of the project. Dr. Lacey and I have revised our staff moving schedule and feel it will actually be better for students and staff if we wait to move the handful of staff members in May rather than pushing for March/April. Staff members who were expecting to move into the north wing will now wait until May. More details will be shared with those specific staff members in the near future.


The south wing of the building project is still on track and we will be moving those staff members in late December/January. This wing is the most crucial to keep our building project on schedule and it has been prioritized since the beginning of the project.


On a VERY positive note, MVCTC now has 11 current students working on the district’s building project. In addition, there are numerous MVCTC alumni who are working for the many subcontractors on our project. It is very rewarding to see our students using the skills they learned at MVCTC and gainfully employed with major area employers.