Concrete Laborers


5150 Webster Street
dayton, OH 45414
(937) 447-9200
Full Time


• Loading, unloading, lifting, and moving materials
• Driving form stakes, assisting others in building, placing, and setting concrete forms
• Assists in the excavation, forming, prep-work, placement, and finish of concrete
• Assist in building and positioning forms for pouring concrete and dismantles forms after
use, using saws, hammers, nails, bolts, or form hardware.
• Dig ditches and levels earth to grade specifications, using pick, shovels, and rakes.
• Erect and disassemble scaffolding, shoring, braces, and other temporary structures.
• Clean construction site to eliminate possible hazards.
• Assist to align, straighten, plumb and square forms for installation.
• Construct forms, then assist in raising them to the required elevation.
• Install and tie rebar and wire mesh.
• Load and unload trucks and haul and hoist materials.
• Care, clean, and organize form material in shop, in truck and at a job site.
• Lubricate and clean machinery, equipment, and tools.
• Use power sprayer or washer.
• Keep jobsite, trucks, and equipment clean.
• Report any unsafe work practices or safety hazards encountered on the job to the Foreman / Foreman Lead.
• Must be able to run floating and finishing tools
• Understands which form material is used for any given form job, most know the order on material is placed
• Must be able to place reinforcement, form up walk or walls properly


• Regular attendance and punctuality are a must
• Ability to follow directions
• Thorough understanding of tools and tool names that are used in projects.
• Must have basic understanding on the lumber, reinforcement, and form material types

Days / Hours

Monday- Friday, 7am- 5pm.

Pay Range & Benefits

Starting pay $18, paid vacation, health insurance, dental & vision insurance, 401K retirement plan, attendance bonus, disability, training and much more!

How to Apply

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