1991 MCJVS/MVCTC Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame Members Inducted October 1991


Dr. Chris Blauser  (Tippecanoe H.S.)

Farm Management 1975


Judy Deitering  (Northmont H.S.)

Child Care 1978


David Evans  (Milton Union H,.S.)

Architectural Drafting 1979


Gary Garber  (Eaton H.S.)

Electrical Trades 1975


Tim Kerlin  (Brookville H.S.)

Law Enforcement 1977


Kathy Kiwacka   

Adult Ed. Data Processing 1979


Larry McRoberts  (Dixie H.S.)

Data Processing 1973


Jill Steinbrunner Minneman  (Trotwood Madison H.S.)

Fashion & Interior Marketing 1981


Michael Mullen  (Twin Valley North H.S.)

Environmental Science 1978


Thomas “Rick” Stum  (Tippecanoe H.S.)

Masonry 1976


Tammy Stansford Valentine  (Vandalia Butler H.S.)

Medical Secretary 1978


Roger Weller

Adult Ed. Data Processing1983