Robotics & Automation Program Highlighted by DRMA


The MVCTC Robotics & Automation Program was recently featured in DRMA messaging.

Opening Doors. Together.
Van Henderson, Robotics & Automation Instructor, has been at MVCTC for over 27 years. He enjoys and takes pride in teaching and providing students with various career exploration options. He sees MVCTC as a valuable steppingstone offering guidance by leading his students in the right career direction.
Van especially values DRMA as they have opened many doors to regional manufacturers for his students.



Ethan talks about the opportunities DRMA has brought to his future manufacturing career. <



“I was first drawn to manufacturing after seeing a Battle Bots competition at the age of 10. That inspired me to enroll at MVCTC in robotics. This year we toured Dysinger on National Manufacturing Day and I really thought the projects they worked on were very cool. I look forward to using my double engineering degree to solve problems and help others that are less fortunate.”

- Miami Valley CTC, Robotics