MVCTC Students Present at Tipp City Career Fair


Students from seven (7) different MVCTC programs shared their excitement and passion with various hands-on demonstrations with 4th & 5th Graders at LT Ball Intermediate School in Tipp City. The programs included: Biotechnology, HVAC, Medical Lab Assisting, Natural Resource Management, Precision Machining, Robotics & Automation, and Veterinary Science. 

One student from Natural Resource Management stated, "That was so much fun and I'm pretty sure I want to go into teaching this age group now!"

Photo: Front Row: Gracie Gau (Northmont), Ashlyn McPheron (Milton-Union), Xochitl Lozano-Licona (Mississinawa Valley), Zoe Kellems (Franklin Monroe), Lehua Hoops (Brookville), Patricia Nihizer (Arcanum) Back Row: Trevor Napier (Valley View), AJ Wright (Vandalia-Butler), Riechen Prenat (Preble-Shawnee), William Butler (Miamisburg), Christian Cantrell (Tri-Village), Nicholas Davis (Northmont), Sam Blackburn (Bethel)