February 2023 EBITA Department Student of the Month

The Electives, Business, Information Technology, and Agriculture Department at MVCTC proudly announces the February honorees for the Department’s Career-Tech Students of the Month. Ciara Lawson (Trotwood-Madison) and Makinley Jarrett (National Trail) were recognized as outstanding representatives of their respective career tech programs.
Ciara Lawson (Trotwood-Madison) was recognized by her Media and Video Instructor, Mr. Pat Carlisle, for her outstanding scholarship and work ethic. Mr. Carlisle stated, “She has shown outstanding leadership and soft skills in teamwork within the career tech lab. She has collaborated and displayed excellent communication skills in working with her peers to develop the morning announcements for MVCTC.”

Makinley Jarrett (National Trail) from the Veterinary Science Program, taught by Dr. Christa Nealeigh, was recognized as a conscientious student in the Veterinary Science Classroom. Dr. Nealeigh stated, “She takes all of her projects, activities, and competitions seriously and with mindful intent to do her best on all of them. This has been apparent recently as she is completing her Capstone Project with pride and purpose, and she will be using this project for the purposes of both Sinclair's Tech Prep and the FFA Agri-Science Fair competition.”
Congratulations to Ciara and Makinley for their outstanding accomplishments and representation of MVCTC and their respective programs. Thanks to Marion’s Piazza of Englewood, Ohio, for donating gift certificates.