MVCTC Students Share Knowledge at Tech Prep Showcase


Dayton, Ohio – Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) students exhibited the knowledge they have gained in their career-technical program at the 2023 Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium Tech Prep Showcase, held at Sinclair College on March 14, 2023. 

Tech Prep Showcase projects are featured in one of Ohio’s 15 career pathways and are judged on project research, work-based learning, academic/technical skills, professional networking, and presenting abilities. The evaluation of each team and the interviews with participating students about the conceptualization and execution of their projects were conducted by more than 100 judges from businesses in the Dayton region.

A team award, as well as individual team member trophies, were given to the winners of the Tech Prep Showcase.

The following MVCTC students came home with awards for their work.

People's Choice Award - Animal Science and Management Category - Chinchilla Socialization Project – Veterinary Science seniors, Makinley Jarrett (National Trail) and Miranda Scott (National Trail).

Animal Science and Management: Group A

  • Rank: 1 - Weaning Diets of Crossbred Lambs – Veterinary Science seniors, Bailey Denlinger (Brookville) and Veronica Dearth (Preble Shawnee)
  • Rank: 2 - Lagomorph Labyrinth: Testing Small Animal Source Memories Veterinary Science seniors, Lana Gray (Northmont) and Dillen Swartz (Tipp City)

Animal Science and Management: Group B

  • Rank: 1 - Horse whorls and Temperament – Veterinary Science seniors, Xochitl Lozano-Licona (Mississinawa Valley), Haley Roberts (Eaton) and, Ally Sowers (Vandalia-Butler)
  • Rank: 2 - Predicting Kidding Date Using pH of Milk - Veterinary Science seniors Haley Mull (Miamisburg) and Kylynn Hoover (Northmont)

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine: Group D

  • Rank: 1 - Different types of carbohydrate rinses and power outputs – Sports Medicine seniors Kearsyn Robison (Milton-Union) and Shelby Haye (Arcanum-Butler)

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine: Group G

  • Rank: 2 - How Energy Affects Athletes Performance - Sports Medicine seniors Jessica Houseman (Northmont) and Annabel Beach (Northmont)

Natural Resource Management: Group A

  • Rank: 1 -Plant Propagation Study 2 – Natural Resource Management senior, Noelle Vincent (Valley View)
  • Rank: 2 - Aquaponics: Fish or Fiction? - Natural Resource Management junior Travis Fugate (Northridge) and Dylan Gooch (Vandalia-Butler)

Natural Resource Management: Group B

  • Rank: 1 (Tie)- Do Fish Need More O to Grow? – Natural Resource Management juniors, Griffen Jung (Miamisburg) and Ian Brune (Bethel)
  • Rank: 1 (Tie) - Trail Cam Analysis – Natural Resource Management juniors, Garrett Fetgatter (Bethel) and Ben Sonnanstine (Bethel)

Natural Resource Management: Group C

  • Rank: 1 - Growing up with Bullhead Catfish – Natural Resource Management seniors, Trevor Napier (Valley View) and Kyle Davis (Northmont)
  • Rank: 2 - Bad wrap beast, friend or foe? - Natural Resource Management juniors, Sean Trogdon (Arcanum-Butler), Devin Craport (Arcanum-Butler)

Programming and Software Development: Group A

  • Rank: 1 - NASA H.U.N.C.H. Solar Tracker – Computer Coding & Web Applications seniors, Samuel Brown (Milton-Union), Eris Suther (Miamisburg), Seth Lyall (Bethel), Dylan Hawley (Northmont)

The Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium (MVTPC) nurtures partnerships with educators and employers to create seamless career-technical education programs that begin in the junior year of high school and continue through an associate degree and beyond.

MVTPC is dedicated to three fundamental principles: academic rigor, program relevance, and strong, productive relationships. College Tech Prep programs stress academic rigor in mathematics, science, communication and technology, and incorporate employability skills like teamwork, hands-on learning, work site experiences, critical thinking, and problem solving. Every facet of these programs is designed to address the 21st century workforce needs of the Miami Valley region by developing students who are college bound and career ready.

Students who elect to participate in Tech Prep may earn college credits while in high school, and are eligible to receive a $3,000 Sinclair Community College scholarship. Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 2.25 Junior year and the first semester of Senior year. 

For over 50 years, MVCTC has provided career technical education for 27 partner school districts encompassing five counties, including Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren counties. MVCTC is dedicated to providing in-demand workforce training for youth, adults, and organizations in the Miami Valley.


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