Ohio Academy of Science District 10 Science Day Results


Two hundred-ten students representing twenty-five public and private schools from Montgomery, Clark, and Greene Counties competed in the Ohio Academy of Science District 10 Science Day, held at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Englewood, Ohio, on Saturday, March 25, 2023. Students exhibited projects in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics which they worked on from September through February of this year. The Science Day (Fair) program has been in Ohio since 1949. Students who complete and present a science or engineering project at a local science fair in their school or a county event may qualify to compete at the District level. 


This was the 1st year for the event at Miami Valley CTC. Organizers included area educators, STEM professionals, and business representatives. Over $3,000 was distributed in awards provided by area sponsors, including many businesses and individuals interested in supporting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). 


MVCTC students with Superior Ratings for their projects.

  • Gabrielle Allen ‐ (Sports Medicine/Trotwood-Madison) "Is Working Out With A Partner More Efficient Than Working Out Alone?"
  • Dylan Barnes ‐ (Sports Medicine/Miami East) "Controlled temp biking and its effects on balance and ability to think cognitively."
  • Ian Brown ‐ (Sports Medicine/Ansonia) "The Influence of Different Weight Training Types on Various Track Performances."
  •  Katherine Daugherty ‐ (Sports Medicine/Eaton) "MiO Energy Shots Effects on Power Output and Cognitive Function."
  • Kiera Elliot ‐ (Sports Medicine/Eaton) "Why do runners run?"
  • Brady Garland ‐ (Sports Medicine/Valley View) "Effects of interval and aerobic training."
  • Shelby Haye ‐ (Sports Medicine/Arcanum-Butler) "Testing Carbohydrate Rinse with Lemonade and Pedialyte®"
  • Grace Koelblin ‐ (Sports Medicine/Preble Shawnee) "Blood flow restriction."
  • Elizabeth Maxwell ‐ (Sports Medicine/Bethel) "Does Sour Candy, Gummy Candy or Brown Rice Make The Body Perform Better During Athletic Performance?"
  • Alayna Moreaux ‐ (Sports Medicine/Milton-Union) "Bench press upper body muscle activation between stable and unstable loads."
  • Alexia Morgan ‐ (Sports Medicine/Eaton) "Activation of Rectus Femoris During Various Types of Squats"
  • Brodie Strawser ‐ (Sports Medicine/National Trail) "Effects of Different Length Naps on Cognitive and Athletic Performance."


Southern Ohio Human Factors and Ergonomics Society collaborating with the Society for Information Display - Awards for excellence in the behavioral sciences or a project involving human factors and ergonomics. 

  • Brodie Strawser (Sports Medicine/National Trail) $100
  • Braxten Trump (Sports Medicine/Mississinawa Valley) $100
  • Mackenzea Townsend (Sports Medicine/Mississinawa Valley) $50
  • Kierra Elliot (Sports Medicine/Eaton) $50
  • Alayna Moreaux (Sports Medicine/Milton-Union) $50

 For more information about the District 10 Science Day, visit www.ohiosci.org/district-10/.