2023 STEM Camp Resounding Success!


MVCTC hosted the 2023 STEM Camp this past June. During STEM Camp, teachers focused on how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all work together in many of the different career fields offered at MVCTC.  Students participated in five programs this year: Forensic Science, Medical Laboratory & Biotechnology, Natural Resources, Sports Medicine, and Robotics.  

During Forensic Science, students engaged in solving a burglary.  They studied how to process a crime scene, search for evidence, and identify transfer residue.  Students also learned about fingerprint technology, having the opportunity to classify their unique fingerprint traits.  They even discussed DNA evidence!

In Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology, students learned to use many different types of scientific equipment, from microscopes to pipettes.  They used petri dishes to grow bacteria and study their formation.

In Natural Resources, students ventured out to our “land lab” and walked a few miles daily.  They learned how to identify trees, birds, and invertebrates and studied the creek that runs through the land.  Students had fun measuring the creek’s flow, and a few even went for an impromptu swim.  

Students who participated in Sports Medicine learned how to wrap ankles for increased support and measured how this impacted an athlete’s performance.  They learned about heart rate and muscle fatigue.  They even dissected a chicken wing to learn how tendons and muscles work together to create movement.

Finally, during Robotics, students worked in groups to build their own robots.  Robots then competed by racing through an obstacle course which included tight turns and activities for the robot to complete.  They learned teamwork and how gears work to transfer motion. Students worked together during each activity and learned important communication and collaboration skills.