Montgomery County Prosecutors Office Victim/Witness Division Talks Teen Dating with MVCTC Students


Englewood, Ohio -- The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) welcomed a presentation on September 7, 2023, from the Montgomery County Prosecutors Office. Ashlee Knife and Kristiane Kramer from the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office shared important information about sensitive topics such as alcohol and drug abuse, dating, and sexual violence. Unfortunately, today’s students experience and witness situations often unimaginable to many. “MVCTC continues to be fortunate that Prosecutor Heck annually allows the department's Victim/Witness Division to share the all-too-true situations our young adults. The message is highly impactful in not only educating students to make appropriate choices but also how to navigate and respond to the unfortunate choices of others."

The Victim Witness Division of the Prosecutors Office was formed in 1974 to help those individuals who have been a victim or witnesses of a violent crime. The goal of the Division is to help victims and witnesses understand their rights and responsibilities so that they can make intelligent choices about what is best for them. For more information, visit


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