MVCTC Culinary Arts Junior Harley McNeal's Inspiring Hair Donation for a Cause


The MVCTC Culinary Arts junior class recently spent a day at the MVCTC Cosmetology Salon. The day's highlight was the selfless act of Junior Harley McNeal (Culinary Arts/Tipp City), who courageously chose to part with her locks for a noble cause. Harley had intended to donate her hair to the organization "Wigs for Kids." She chose the day her lab visited the Cosmetology students to cut off her locks to donate, allowing both classes of students to participate in her generosity.


Wigs for Kids

Wigs for Kids is a non-profit organization that provides hair replacement solutions to children experiencing hair loss due to various medical conditions.

Learn more at


Harley's selflessness and generosity were very inspiring during this season of giving. Her decision to undergo a dramatic haircut for the benefit of others is a shining example of the values instilled in MVCTC students.


"We are incredibly proud of Harley and all our students who participated in this meaningful experience," said Chef Cortney Bergbigler, instructor for the Culinary Arts program.



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