Winter Weather


Winter weather is upon us…. here are some important things to know regarding Partner School Closings and Delays!

If your partner school district is closed/delayed due to bad weather –

  • When a partner school district is closed due to weather conditions or other calamities, students from the closed school are not required to report to MVCTC.
  • Students may report if they choose to find a safe way to MVCTC.
  • Students from other schools that are not closed are required to report as usual to MVCTC.
  • If the partner school district operates on a delayed schedule, students must report at the appropriate time as adjusted by the partner school delay.
  • Students on advanced placement are not required to report to MVCTC if their partner school is on a delayed schedule.
  • If the student reports to the MVCTC at the regular time (and discovers that their partner school is on a delay), they are to remain at school and follow the MVCTC schedule.



When MVCTC is closed on the authority of the administration and/or the Board of Education due to weather conditions or other calamities, no student is required to report to school. When such a decision is made, the media and TV newsrooms are immediately notified, and a School Messenger System phone call will be sent to families according to the number they have on file with the district. Please ensure that the phone number on file with the MVCTC is current. Please do not call personnel, the school offices, or the media. Listen to the radio or TV for announcements, or visit