CTC drive celebrates traditions old, new


MVCTC traditionally hosts the final high school blood drive in the Solvita Blood Center region before the Thanksgiving holiday break. It was once again the biggest high school blood drive of the fall, and it was the first blood drive in MVCTC’s just-completed gymnasium.

Solvita Blood Center relies on the MVCTC to help bolster the blood supply during Thanksgiving week. Solvita is closed for the holiday and there are no mobile blood drives on Friday. It’s just the beginning of the annual challenge of collecting enough blood for area hospitals during the bustling holiday season.

MVCTC responded with 181 donors, including 137 donations and 85 first time donors for 100 percent of collection goal.

The new gym is a final stage in MVCTC’s five-year, $158 million, 600,000 square feet expansion project that is transforming the school.

“We’re very thankful we have the space to accommodate more donors because of the crucial blood usage at this time,” said Paula Wathen, who coordinates the MVCTC blood drives with Jennifer Foudray. “Trust me, at the hospitals there is a very high usage this weekend.”

Paul is the advisor for the HOSA Future Health Professionals, the student sponsor group for MVCTC blood drives. Health students consider it a common cause to donate, especially at Thanksgiving. “The more students we can get to be lifelong donors the better,” she said.

CLAYTON — The season of giving began with traditions both old and new at the Nov. 21 Miami Valley Career Technology Center blood drive.

Bethany Thompson, a pre-nursing student and the HOSA club Vice President of Service, said students were inspired by retired bio-tech faculty member Bev Wolfe who spoke at the November HOSA meeting.

“She talked about a family friend that had leukemia and survived because she had a ton of blood transfusions,” said Bethany. “She said, “Do your part to help and realize your blood donation actually has an impact on people’s lives.’”

Health occupation student Ryleigh Hickle was inspired to make her first lifetime donation. “I didn’t know it was that important to donate blood,” she said. “After the lady came in to talk to us, it’s knowing there are people who need blood all the time.”

Curtis Stoffer started donating at Wayne High and made his second lifetime donation at the MVCTC blood drive. “It’s great to help out,” Curtis said. “My first donation went to the VA hospital. It was good to know that it went to a vet that needed it. That’s really cool.”

“I love giving back,” said Amiah Landers, a senior pre-nursing student from Brookville High School. “It’s very important for me studying pre-nursing and it’s very important for patients. I’ve been working at Miami Valley Hospital, and I see how it helps patients recover better and quicker.”

Prior to the MVCTC’s blood drive, Kettering Fairmont High School had the biggest high school blood drive of the fall with 164 donors.

Wayne High School was Solvita’s top high school blood drive in 2022-2023 with three blood drives that totaled 403 donors. MVCTC was the runner-up with two blood drives totaling 382 donors. Kettering Fairmont High ranked third with two blood drives totaling 349 donors, followed by Fairfield High with 335 donors and Centerville High with 248 donors.

Make an appointment to donate with Solvita (formerly Community Blood Center) on the Donor Time app, by calling (937) 461-3220, or at www.donortime.com.