Mississinawa Valley MVCTC FFA Fall Updates


Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter Participates in Parli Pro

The Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter participated in the Advanced Parliamentary Procedure Contest. The contest was held at Versailles High School on November 7th, 2023. The members who participated were Aron Hunt, Paytyn Heistand, Brandon Miller, Daniel Hartzell, Aldon Edger, and Matalin Meyer. They spent the weeks leading up to the contest preparing, as they had practice every morning. They had to take a general knowledge test over parliamentary procedure at the contest. Then, they had to perform a mock chapter meeting with two main motions to make and debate. There were four members, along with the secretary and the chairman. Each member had one assigned ability and one extra ability that they chose, except for the chairman, whose responsibility was to respond to the main motions and abilities. The secretary had to make and debate motions, complete his assigned and extra abilities, and take minutes for the whole meeting. The meeting was supposed to last as close to 12 minutes as the members could get it. The members were judged on the execution of their abilities and their debate on the motions. The results were posted after the test scores and meeting scores were combined for all teams. Our chapter received third place overall. Great job to the members who participated!


Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC-FFA Participates in Job Interview CDE

The Mississinawa Valley MVCTC-FFA Chapter participated in the District Job Interview CDE. The contest was held on October 30th at Botkins High School. The members who participated were Paytyn Hiestand, Daniel Hartzell, Bryce Watson, and Jaxin Beanblossom—In the weeks leading up to the contest, the members prepared by having practice interviews. Going into the contest, they had to write a resume and cover letter and fill out an application. They went through a live interview at the contest and then wrote a follow-up letter. This CDE has greatly prepared the members for future job interviews. Paytyn received 11th place out of 20 in the senior division, Daniel placed 4th against 35 other students in the junior division, Bryce placed 9th out of 25 in the sophomore division, and Jaxin placed 7th, competing with 21 other individuals in the freshmen division. Great job to the members who participated, it takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone and participate in this contest. Congratulations Paytyn, Daniel, Bryce, and Jaxin! 


Photo Caption: L - R: Daniel Hartzell, Jaxin Beanblossom, Paytyn Hiestand, and Bryce Watson



Mississinawa Valley MVCTC-FFA Chapter Participates in Food Science CDE

The Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter participated in the District 5 Food Science and Technology CDE. The contest was held at New Knoxville on November 6th. During the competition, members had to identify scents, taste test samples of food, take an online test, identify safety equipment, solve math problems, and identify food processing equipment. The members who participated were Christina Mangen, Diana Rodriguez, Breanna Germann, and Paige Emrick. The team received 14th place out of 45 teams. Diana Rodrequiez led them. Congratulations to all those who participated!


Photo Caption: L-R: Breanna Germann, Paige Emrick, Christina Mangen, and Diana Rodriguez