MVCTC Students Shine in Regional BPA Contest, Securing Spots in State Competition


Englewood, Ohio –The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) is proud to announce its Business Professionals of America (BPA) students' outstanding performance in the Regional Contests held in January 2023. Thank you to Wayne High School for hosting the awards ceremony.

MVCTC offers diverse programs under BPA, including Business Ownership, Computer Coding & Web Applications, Computer Networking & Cyber Security, Computer Repair & Technical Support, Drones & GIS Technologies, Medical Office Management, Pre-Law & Legal Studies, and Sports Management & Marketing. 66 MVCTC BPA students secured their positions in the State BPA Contests scheduled for March 7-8 in Columbus, Ohio.

"We are incredibly proud of our BPA students for their remarkable achievements in the Regional contests," said Dr. Nick Weldy, MVCTC Superintendent. "Their hard work, determination, and passion have truly paid off, and we are excited to see them represent MVCTC at the upcoming State BPA contests. This accomplishment reflects our students' dedication and educators' exceptional guidance."

Administrative Support Research Project Contest

  • 1st place - May Renneker (Business Ownership/Valley View)

Basic Office Systems & Procedures Contest

  • 3rd place - Murad Kirman (Business Ownership/Bethel)

Broadcast News Production Team Contest

  • 1st place - Aleah Bloomfield (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/Brookville), Madison Preston (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/Tri-Village), Samantha Romm (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/Carlisle), and Amaiya-mae Winston (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/West Carrollton)

C++ Programming Contest

  • 1st place - Nicholas Kohrs (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Bethel)
  • 2nd place - Oliver Moore (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Eaton)
  • 3rd place - Ethan Goins (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Miamisburg)

Computer Network Technology Contest

  • 1st place - Lincoln Bentley (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Miamisburg)
  • 2nd place - Ryan Ward (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Ansonia)
  • 3rd place - Reed Meserve (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Bethel)

Computer Security Contest

  • 1st place - Amare Gordon (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Huber Heights)
  • 2nd place - Seth Fugate (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Miamisburg)
  • 3rd place - David Oliver (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Northmont)

Database Applications Contest

  • 1st place - Jorden Weaver (Computer Repair & Technical Support/Eaton)
  • 2nd place - Aviram Schuman (Drones & GIS Technologies/Brookville)
  • 3rd place - Khalil Hood (Drones & GIS Technologies/Northmont)

Device Configuration & Troubleshooting Contest

  • 1st place - Dominic Van Dam (Computer Repair & Technical Support/National Trail)
  • 2nd place - Donny Everhart (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Arcanum-Butler)
  • 3rd place - ZACHARY BARNHARDT (Computer Repair & Technical Support/Jefferson)

Economic Research Project—Individual Contest

  • 1st place - Malachi Robinson (Business Ownership/Huber Heights)

Ethics & Professionalism Contest

  • 1st place - Allyson Weaver (Business Ownership/Tipp City)

Extemporaneous Speech Contest

  • 1st place - Zoey Elson (Media & Video Production/Ansonia)

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications Contest

  • 1st place – Isaac White (Computer Repair & Technical Support/Franklin-Monroe)
  • 2nd place - Isaiah Ares (Drones & GIS Technologies/Tipp City)
  • 3rd place - Chris Bradley (Drones & GIS Technologies/Northridge)

Global Marketing Team Contest

  • 1st place - Harrison Davis (Business Ownership/Northmont), Isaiah Early (Business Ownership/Brookville), Ethan Goins (Business Ownership/Carlisle), Amelia Pierce (Business Ownership/Huber Heights)

Health Administration Procedures Contest

  • 1st place - Hannah Foster (Medical Office Management/Tipp City)
  • 2nd place - Madisyn Cantrell (Medical Office Management/Brookville)

Health Insurance & Medical Billing Contest

  • 1st place - Za'Raya Lehman (Medical Office Management/Huber Heights)

Integrated Office Applications Contest

  • 2nd place – Zane Wiley (Business Ownership/Vandalia-Butler)

Intermediate Word Processing Skills Contest

  • 2nd place - Chloe Doss (Medical Office Management/Miamisburg)

Java Programming Contest

  • 1st place – Riley Robert (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Twin Valley South)
  • 2nd place – Silus Cooper (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Huber Heights)

Legal Office Procedures Contest

  • 2nd place - Mercedes Eichelberger (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/Arcanum-Butler)
  • 3rd place - Jacey McQueen (Pre-Law & Legal Studies/Eaton)

Linux Operating System Fundamentals Contest

  • 1st place - Jacob Strickland (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Vandalia-Butler)
  • 2nd place - Joshua Hopkins (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Tri-County North)
  • 3rd place - Nathaniel Jeffers (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Tri-County North)

Medical Coding Contest

  • 1st place - Shyanne Dankworth (Medical Office Management/Brookville)

Network Administration Using Cisco Contest

  • 1st place - Micah Powell (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Carlisle)
  • 2nd place - Elijah Rose (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Miamisburg)
  • 3rd place - Logan Mackendrick (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/West Carrollton)

Network Design Team Contest

  • 1st place - Austin Hawkins (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Bethel), Connor Mcguire (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Bethel), and Bryce Schweikhardt (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Bethel)

Payroll Accounting Contest

  • 2nd place - Damon Hamilton (Medical Office Management/Mississinawa Valley)

Personal Financial Management Contest

  • 1st place - William Kaufman (Business Ownership/Tipp City)

Podcast Production Team Contest

  • 1st place - David Baker (Media & Video Production/West Carrollton), Bronson Mansfield (Media & Video Production/Bethel), Zion Wester (Media & Video Production/Miamisburg)

Prepared Speech Contest

  • 1st place - Alayna Lyon (Business Ownership/Preble-Shawnee)

Python Programming Contest

  • 1st place – Joseph Latvala (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Valley View)
  • 2nd place - Prabhlean Singh (Computer Coding & Web Applications/Miamisburg)
  • 3rd place - Tate Kreitzer (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/New Lebanon)

Server Administration Using Microsoft Contest

  • 1st place - Nikolai Catey (Computer Repair & Technical Support/Tri-County North)

SQL Database Fundamentals Contest

  • 1st place - Lane Eikenberry (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Franklin-Monroe)
  • 2nd place - Jayden Gambrel (Drones & GIS Technologies/Horizon Science Academy Dayton)
  • 3rd place - Lucian Marczuk (Computer Networking & Cyber Security/Carlisle)

Visual Design Team--PILOT Contest

  • 1st place – Ava Balon (Business Ownership/Valley View), Alisha Biswa (Business Ownership/Northridge), Jakob Bruggeman (Business Ownership/Bethel)

Expert Staff

In celebrating the triumph of MVCTC students at the BPA Regional contests, we must extend our deepest gratitude to the phenomenal MVCTC Business and Information Technology faculty. Without these remarkable educators' such achievements wouldn't have been attainable.

  • Business Ownership instructor Mandy Watts
  • Computer Coding & Web Applications instructor Melissa Goodall
  • Computer Networking & Cybersecurity instructor John Underwood
  • Computer Repair & Technical Support instructors Rusty Sink and Amy Sugden
  • Drones & GIS Technologies instructor Amy Sugden
  • Medical Office Management instructors Tracy Auckerman and Rusty Sink
  • Pre-Law & Legal Studies instructor Jessica Savage
  • Sports Management & Marketing instructor Zach Gueth


Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) provides innovative career and technical education to empower students for success in a rapidly evolving world. With a focus on hands-on learning and industry-relevant experiences, MVCTC prepares students for lifelong success in their chosen fields.


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