February is CTE Month


Welcome to Career-Technical Education Month!

Throughout February, join us on an exciting journey into the rich history, impactful partnerships, dynamic workforce connections, and transformative training that shape careers and futures in Ohio. Let's make this month a vibrant celebration of education, collaboration, and success! 

Dee Smith, Executive Director of OACTE, shares her insights on our Career-Tech Education Month campaign!

50 + years of CTE in Ohio

Ohio's career-tech history dates back over 100 years. Originally referred to as "vocational education", it focused on training in the areas of agriculture and trade & industry training. In 1917, Ohio paved the way for vocational education by embracing the Smith-Hughes Act, the first federal legislation providing funds for vocational training. 1960-1980 vocational education grew rapidly with support from Governor James A. Rhodes. MVCTC was founded in 1971 starting as the Montgomery County Joint Vocational School.

Career-tech Today:
  • There are 91 Career-Tech Planning Districts in Ohio
  • Over 125,000 high school students participate in career-tech
  • Over 25,000 adults receive training through 49 career centers


It Takes a Village

Meet Dee Smith, the Executive Director of Ohio ACTE, and a true product of career technical education! Did you know that her children have also attended career-tech? CTE runs deep in her veins, making her an unparalleled advocate for the incredible benefits of career technical education. Get ready to hear Dee's inspiring journey and her family's story.