Math Classes Collaborate with Pre-Law Class for Mock Trial


Mrs. Zbinden's Mathematical Modeling and Reasoning (MMR) classes at Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) collaborated with Mrs. Savage's Pre-Law & Legal Studies class in an unprecedented interdisciplinary effort to argue a case in court. The case, determining if a driver was speeding at the time of a collision, involved a comprehensive analysis of radical equations and the relationship between vehicular skid marks, speed, and the coefficient of friction under various road conditions.

The MMR students delved into the complexities of radical equations and studied how different factors, such as road conditions, affect vehicular skid marks. Understanding the significance of these equations in real-world scenarios, they explored the role of the coefficient of friction in dry, wet, icy, and snowy conditions, crucial elements in determining vehicle speed before a collision.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Savage's Pre-Law/Legal Studies class applied legal principles to actual cases. Under her guidance, students formed law firms and took on the challenge of representing clients in various legal scenarios. When the opportunity arose to collaborate with the MMR classes on a case involving mathematical modeling and legal analysis, they eagerly accepted the challenge.

The two classes gathered their findings collaboratively and prepared to argue their case before Judge Savage, providing a unique intersection of mathematical analysis and legal reasoning. 

"We were thrilled to see our students come together to tackle this complex case," said Mrs. Zbinden. "The collaboration between the MMR and Pre-Law/Legal Studies classes allowed students to apply their knowledge in a real-world context, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of education."

Mrs. Savage echoed this sentiment, stating, "This experience provided our students with a valuable opportunity to integrate mathematical reasoning with legal analysis, preparing them for future challenges in both fields."