MVCTC Hosts AES “Safety 101” Presentation: Empowering Students with Electrical Safety Know-How


Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) had the privilege of hosting AES Utility Crew Members for an important safety demonstration and presentation. The event, titled “Safety 101: Think Hot, Stay Safe,” was spearheaded by Thomas Wicker, instructor of Electrical Trades at MVCTC.

Students from MVCTC's Trade & Industry programs and the Firefighter/EMS program, witnessed an engaging session where AES Utility Crew Members shared critical topics concerning electrical safety. From voltage demonstrations showcasing 7,200vac to discussions on equipment operation and arcing, the presentation left a lasting impact on the attendees.

One of the focal points of the presentation was educating students on handling both 120vac GFCI protected and non-protected circuits, emphasizing the importance of precautionary measures in every electrical operation. Additionally, the session shared crucial protocols to follow when encountering downed utility lines, emphasizing methods to avoid contact with potentially live circuits and conductors.

A highlight of the event was the inclusion of a captivating demonstration by the AES crew, showcasing real-world scenarios and imparting invaluable insights into safe electrical practices. The AES Utility Crew Members, including Les Jerdon, Shawn Talley, Bryan Woodford, and A.J. Montgomery, left an indelible impression on the audience with their commitment to safety.

As MVCTC continues its mission to equip students with essential skills for the 21st-century workforce, collaborations with industry partners like AES are instrumental. Thomas Whicker expressed his gratitude to the AES crew and affirmed MVCTC's commitment to fostering a culture of safety among its students.

“We look forward to hosting this crew again to assist with keeping students safe at home and in the workforce,” remarked Wicker, highlighting the significance of ongoing efforts to prioritize safety in career-techncial education.