Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Annual Banquet


The Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter held its Annual Parent and Member Banquet in the school cafetorium on March 21, 2024. Over 300 parents, members, and guests were in attendance. Drew Walker introduced the 2023-2024 Officer Team. Cing Scott and Lisa Beanblossom led the welcome, and Daniel Hartzell gave the invocation. Our president, Aron Hunt, and the 2023-2024 FFA Officer team called the banquet to order.  

The door prizes given out during the evening were donated by Anderson's Ethanol, Ace Hardware, Edison State, Didier's Hardware, Wasson's Nursery, Apple Farm Service, Jeremy Edger, Crazy Train Creations, Hilti, Sharps Tavern, Sun Rise and Dine, Splash and Dash Car Wash, Union City Country Club, Luz Tacos, Pioneer, Leis Realty, Sue's Salad, Cisco, and Penny's

State Vice President at Large Anna Moeller then continued with our program. Anna gave a short speech about her experiences in FFA and how they have made her who she is today. She urged every member to participate in everything they can, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zone.

At this year's Annual Pie Auction, we auctioned off a record-breaking pie sold for $2,500! The money raised from the first three pies was donated to Allen Knox, Renee Bergman, and the tornado relief efforts. Six pies were auctioned off, as well as a plate of apple dumplings, fudge, and six bags of Dekalb Seed Corn. With Mr. Jeff Slyder as our auctioneer, the nine items auctioned off brought in $6,075.

Donor awards were presented to the following sponsors for their unwavering support over this past year: Jeffrey Winchester, Bryan Wagoner, Jesse Maxfield, Nick Hamilton, Sherry Dirksen, Max Kindell, Brant Watson, Mississinawa Valley Custodial Staff, Kevin and Kurt Bergman, Amanda Grow, the MV Cafeteria Staff, Shirley Thomason, Zac Wisner, Chris Hamilton, Shawn Peters, Matt Aultman, Larry Holmes, Marshall Combs, Wade Hunt, Leis Realty, Ansonia Lumber, BC Metal Sales, Nate Miller, Jeremy Edger, Gail Overholser, Greg Miller, Sean Gerber, Kelly Guillozet, Don and Kim Hummel, Tom Harrod, Drew Walker, Sheila Scholl, Vercy Stachler, Krista Hoggatt, Sarah Smith, Scott Stachler, Jim Stachler, Stephen Novak, Jason Manning, Heather Manning, Brian and Audrey Hathaway, Didier Home and Hardware, Gower Family Farms, Harvey Mangen and Family, Pam Stump, Shauna Hopkins, Kim Hershey, Todd Grow, Jared and Christi Hummel, Grow Farms, MG’s Paint & Body & Auto Sales LLC, Keens Body Shop, Mike and Donna Butcher, Scholl Farms, Jeff Keller, Marion and Teresa Miller, Jenn Seubert, Casey Miller, Kenneth Gower, Creative Carpets, Cy Schwieterman, Dr. Jennifer E. Gerber, Kerns Brothers, Darrel Gower, Brock Gower Memorial, Joe and Teresa Germann, R and M Trucking, Scotti Keller, Zach Evers, Cynthia Linder, Billie Hunt, Nicole Nieport, Terry Birt, Bernard Stachler, Tammy Drew, Nikki Hiestand, Jodi Humphries, Grant Stachler, John Winger, Rodeheffer Farms, MC Truck Repair LLC, Brad Slyder, Darke County Tile Company, Krista Miller, Lilly Severance, Troy Woodbury, Ben Hartzell, Jake Loy, Kaden Mote, Conner Shimp, Naomi Hathaway, Sierra Grim, Sam Custer, Anna Moeller, Andy and Jessica Byram, Melinda Stachler, Mindy Longfellow, Seth Swallow, Katelyn Warner, Emily Clark, Abels Barber Shop, Ansonia Auto Parts, Bowers Shine, Union City Country Club, Bruns Animal Clinic, Deeter Genetics, Jim and Amy Hanes, Chris, Jenny, Cole and Caden Hamilton, Sandy's School of Dance, Salon Forty-Nine, Bill and Roxanne Stocksdale, Emrick and Sons Painting, Kowboy Corral, J&A Construction, Jake Breymier, Ava Hummel, Kyle Beeter, Rachael Carlisle, Paul Armstrong, Sara Richie, Jamie Stocksdale, Aislinn Miller, Kelsie Miller, Sidnie Miller, Joe Hartzell, Jeff Slyder, Sandy Skidmore, Amy Hanes, Casey Miller, Jessica Gower, Kirk Gower, Breymier Seed LLC, Wiley Well Drilling Inc, Williamsburg Stockyards, Winners Quality Meats, Hanes Show Cattle, Sandy Denniston, Susie and Gary Francis, Debbie Gower, Nick Philposian, John Hannan, Jennifer Bruns, Brittany Gessler, Beanz Bakery, Tonya Deeter, and Jamie Wisner

The following members were recognized for their role in fundraising through the Annual Fruit Sale:

Raising $250-$800:

Harley and Caden Hanes, Brayden Keaser, Brennan Manning, Taylee and Tenlee Woodbury, Rachel Wade, Diana Rodriguez, Kayaa and Kohen Mote, Ty Houser, Colton Heistand, Marina Trobridge, Rylie Alexander, Emma Brock, Ethan Loy, Ashton Couchot, Brooklyn and Elliot Seubert, Cali Johns, Makenna Guillozet, Wyatt Stump, Caleb Spradling, Aldon Edger, Shelby Fennig, Philip Geesman, Ethan Grow, Lucas Bowers, Gretchan Rodeheffer, Emily Byram, Christina Mangen, Paytyn Heistand, Paige Emrick, Bryce Watson, Hunter Cox, Brandon Miller, Cayde Neukam, Cody Cromer, and Hailey Buddo

Raising Over $800:

Shane and Breanna Germann, Daniel Hartzell, Thomas Gower, Makenna, and Cora Hoggatt, Evan and Owen Heistand, Caeden Fritz, Riely Hanes, Leland Kaufman, Aaron and Ava Hummel, Matalin Meyer, Aron Hunt, Racheal Philiposian, Cole McGlothlin, and Cooper Neiport

The top three salespeople were Thomas Gower, who earned $2,229 in third place; Emily Byram, who earned $2,583 in second place; and the Germann family, who earned $2,630 in first place. Great job to all members who sold fruit this year!

Students who had perfect attendance at our chapter meetings were awarded a t-shirt. These members were: Ashton Amsbaugh, Owen Bridges, Hailey Buddo, Emily Byam, Cody Cromer, Ramiro De La Torre-Barron, Stephany De la Torre-Barron, Aldon Edger, Paige Emrick, Shelby Fenning, Caeden Fritz, Breanna Germann, Bryson Gower, Ethan Grow, Makenna Guillozet, Carson Hamilton, Caden Hanes, Harley Hanes, Conner Hardy, Daniel Hartzell, Paytyn Hiestand, Cora Hoggatt, Makenna Hoggatt, Ty Houser, Aaron Hummel, Ava Hummel, Aron Hunt, Cali Johns, Brayden Keaser, Tanner Leichty, Christina Mangen, Cole McGlothin, Matalin Meyer, Brandon Miller, Kayaa Mote, Kohen Mote, Cooper Nieport, Rachel Philiposian, Aron Ramirez, Cing Scott, Brooklynn Seuburt, Wyatt Stump, Marina Trobridge, Rachel Wade, Nick Ward, Bryce Watson, Allyson Waymire, Braden Wisner, Taylee Woodbury, Tenlee Woodbury, Kyle Werkamp, Josslynee Thornhill, Brennan Manning, and Leland Kauffman.

The Ben Overholser Foundation and Wade and Billie Hunt were inducted into Honorary Membership. These individuals have always greatly supported and helped the FFA. The Ben Overholser Foundation has given away over $50,000 in the past two years to 4H and FFA members. Billie and Wade have had three kids go through the FFA and are always willing to help when needed. 

The following proficiency award winners each received $20 from the Mississinawa Valley FFA Alumni:

  • Ag Education- Daniel Hartzell
  • Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance- Braden Wisner 
  • Agricultural Processing- Christina Mangen 
  • Ag Services- Paytyn Hiestand
  • Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication- Aaron Hummel 
  • Beef Production- Breanna Germann
  • Dairy Production- Taylor Holden 
  • Diversified Ag Production- Thomas Gower
  • Diversified Livestock Production- Wyatt Stump
  • Diversified Crop Production- Thomas Gower 
  • Equine Management Placement- Paytyn Hiestand
  • Forage Production- Dylan Wehrekamp
  • Food Science- Ramiro De La Torre Barron 
  • Grain Production- Aron Hunt
  • Landscape Management- Braden Wisner
  • Oil Crop Production- Aldon Edger
  • Poultry Production- Shelby Fennig
  • Swine Production Entrepreneurship- Bryce Watson 
  • Service Learning- Brandon Miller 
  • Sheep production- Harley Hanes
  • Small Animal Production- Allyson Waymire
  • Vegetable Production- Brooklynn Seubert 

Advisors Carmen Hartzell and Gwen Bergman then presented the Chapter awards. 

The Star Greenhand Award was awarded to four first-year students with exceptional work ethic and potential. Marina Trobridge, Rachel Wade, Cooper Neiport, and Philip Geesman won this award. Marina is an involved member of the Greenhand class; she spends time outside Ag class preparing her Market Goats for the show ring. Over the past year, Rachel has become significantly involved in our FFA Chapter. She has become employed and is a reliable member of the Equine CDE Team. In the coming years, Cooper will be a valuable asset to the agricultural industry; he is very active in agriculture both in and out of class and always has significant input. Philip has a passion for agriculture and is a member of our Agronomy CDE Team. 

The Star in Agriscience Award goes to Philip Geeseman. Philip won this award for his enthusiasm for agriculture and his will to learn. He has a bright future in his upcoming years in FFA, and we can't wait to see what he accomplishes. Philip is the son of Scott and Lori Geeseman. 

Thomas Gower was this year's Star Chapter Farmer. Thomas' SAE includes his hours worked at Gower Farms and Harrod Farms. Thomas has his priorities: family, friends, farming, and fixing things. He has an unmatched passion for agriculture. Thomas plans to attend Edison State to earn a degree in Agriculture. He will do great things in the Ag industry and his community. Thomas is the son of Kirk and Jessica Gower. 

This year's Star in Ag Business was Brandon Miller. Brandon has worked hard to start and grow his own lawn care business while working for Gower and Sons Painting and with his family in the soil fertility and trucking industries. He balances his work responsibilities with school, hobbies, and friends while always keeping family first. Brandon's thoughtful ideas, ability, and drive will take him far. Brandon is the son of Greg and Aslinn Miller.

This year's Star in Ag Placement was Aaron Hummel for his work at Hummel Farms. He is thorough, efficient, and has the drive needed to succeed. Aaron, the son of Jared and Christi Hummel, plans to attend Hobart Institute of Welding. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this young man.

Paytyn Heistand was awarded the Blue and Gold Award. Paytyn is a very impressive young lady; she lives and breathes for the agricultural industry. Paytyn is a five-year FFA member and a third-year FFA Officer. Paytyn keeps busy with her work at Kowboy Corral taking care of the horses while also working for JB Cattle preparing cattle for the show ring, along with her work at Hartzell Vet Services and at Three Bar-J Rodeo taking care of and exercising the horses. On top of it all, Paytyn spends her free time practicing her roping and preparing for her next rodeo. Paytyn is the daughter of TJ Heistand and Sarah Heistand. We are excited to see the difference we know Paytyn will make in the Ag industry.

The DEKALB® Ag Accomplishment Award went to Aron Hunt. Aron exemplifies scholarship and shows outstanding commitment and work ethic. His work at Welbourn Farms, along with his grades, FFA involvement, sports, and evident leadership qualities, won him this award. Aron's will to work matches his heart for agriculture, which will ensure his success. Aron has already started headfirst down the path of leadership, and we can't wait to see where he'll end up. 

Aron Hunt, the son of Wade and Billie Hunt was also awarded the Ben Overholser Memorial Scholarship of $2,000. He applied and won the award based on his involvement in FFA, his work through his SAE, and his extracurriculars within the school. He plans to attend Wright State and earn a degree in Agricultural Studies. 

Lastly, the new 2024-2025 FFA Officer Team was installed: President Daniel Hartzell, Vice President Aldon Edger, Second Vice President Shane Germann, Secretary Brennan Manning, Treasurer Emma Brock, Reporter Matalin Meyer, Sentinel Harley Hanes, Student Advisor Taylee Woodbury, Parliamentarian Ty Houser, and Historian Rachael Philiposian. Our new president, Daniel Hartzell, adjourned the banquet.