Learn more about the MVCTC Information Technology Pathway Programs


Computer Science Education Week, or CSEd Week, was celebrated from December 6 to 12 this year. The largest learning event in history, Computer Science Education Week, aims to get K-12 students interested in computer coding. At MVCTC, four career-technical programs are offered in Computer Science/Information Technology Pathway:

Computer Coding & Web Applications - www.mvctc.com/future-students/programs/cw 

Design and test new software programs. You would be developing tomorrow's products for businesses and individuals. For example, you could be employed by large software companies or small businesses that design programs for special groups such as medical offices. You must know operating systems and programming languages to work in this area.


  • Computer Engineers 
  • Computer Programmers

Computer Networking & Cyber Security - www.mvctc.com/future-students/programs/cn

The work done by the employees in the Network Systems pathway is critical to the success of almost every company. You would be involved in designing, installing, and maintaining network systems.

These systems allow workers to share information and projects. For example, in a medical facility, a network system would allow several doctors to view a patient's x-rays at the same time. They then could work together to determine the problem and best treatment.


  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Systems Administrators
  • Computer Engineers 
  • Data Communications Analysts
  • Computer Security Specialists


Computer Repair & Technical Support - www.mvctc.com/future-students/programs/cr

Set up computers, install the software, and make sure that everything is working. You would find the best solution and test it if there is a problem. You may also be expected to teach other employees how to use the software. In some businesses, you may have to make adaptations in the software to meet specific company needs. Or you may integrate software programs or databases.


  • Computer Support Specialists 
  • Database Administrators


Drones & GIS Technologies - www.mvctc.com/future-students/programs/dg


Learn more about CS Ed Week at https://www.csedweek.org/


Learn more about computer science or information technology careers in Ohio at Ohio Means Jobs. https://ohiomeansjobs.ohio.gov/for-students/explore-careers/whats-your-future-career/information-technology 


Additional resources on careers in Computer Science are listed below.


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