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Program Information

Culinary Arts

“You don't become a Chef; you strive, you excel, you achieve, you commit, and you train.” - Mrs. Bergbigler & Mrs. Callison

Program Activities

  • Learn culinary terminology, basic knife skills, how to operate lab equipment, and how to work as part of a team
  • Operate the in-school, full-service restaurant and learn different foods, cuisines, techniques, and culinary methods
  • Potential to earn college credits and a Tech Prep Scholarship from Sinclair Community College
  • Potential to earn college credits from Sullivan University
The Culinary Arts program is a strong foundation for any high school student looking to take that first step in becoming a chef. Students begin their junior year learning culinary terminology, basic knife skills, operating lab equipment, and learning to be part of a team that works together toward success.

Culinary Arts students operate the in-school, full-service restaurant called the CULINARY CAFE, as part of their lab experience. To operate the cafe, each student is assigned a workstation in either food production or a dining room service area. The restaurant is open to the public from the surrounding communities, staff, and MVCTC students. The menu changes every day to give students the experience to learn different foods, cuisines, techniques, methods. Students also participate in FCCLA skill events on a local, regional, state, and national level. The benefit of doing well in these skill events has led to partial and full term scholarships.

Graduates of the Culinary Arts program upon completing their education at the MVCTC opt to enter the workforce, enter the military in food related fields or pursue a college education. Those students furthering their education are encouraged to attend universities that offer Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry Arts, Hospitality Management or nutrition.

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Industry Standard Certificates

  • ServSafe

Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 100% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program


"MVCTC has definitely prepared me for my future. I am prepared to go into the culinary field or my selected college. I feel prepared to leave high school and start my life in college."
- Briana Kimberlin

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Sullivan University - 18 credits
Sinclair Community College - 24 credits
Any school offering the ServSafe Course

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