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Program Information

Computer Network Engineering

“We run the web! In my lab you will be trained for an exciting career in data superiority, who is allowed access, who is denied, and how fast?” - Mr. Underwood

Program Activities

  • Design and implement new Ethernet networks
  • Support and troubleshoot existing networks
  • Program and configure business level routers and switches
  • Huge head start on college credit
What is networking? We all know the answer; it is connecting computers and sharing information, but what does that really mean? When you connect wirelessly at chipotle, does someone make that happen, or is it magic? Why does the title of this program contain the word "Engineering"? Does it really take an engineer to build a network? What about that cable connected to the back of your PC? Where does it go? - How long is it? What's on the other end?

This is the age of the internet, but the first website is only 21 years old, (the internet is barely old enough to drink). Networking and the internet is not a planned concept, it was only meant to be an experiment. It has no planned destination or outcome. We still don't know how to use the internet, it is evolving! It is now!

The internet is not magic... It happens because of people, and routers and switches... but MAINLY people. You will be trained for a career that programs those devices. You will decide where the traffic goes, where it doesn't go, and which path it takes. You will decide if a person on your network is allowed to play games, send emails, or download mp3s. You will learn how to be a hacker, so you can prevent hackers. You will learn about the raw data that flows across these wires. What it means and how to decode it. You will learn to count, add and speak binary, the digital language of computers.

How much data does each person produce, send, and download each day? Not only will you control that data, but you will own its contents. You will be trained for a career of data superiority.

The MVCTC Computer Network Engineering Tech Prep program (CCNA certification) is a Cisco Academy program that prepares students not only for college, but also for the workforce. It gives students hands-on experience and the knowledge to troubleshoot computer-networking problems. Students learn everything from making cables, to how the World Wide Web (internet) works. We have the latest industry technology to support the curriculum.

In the Computer Network Engineering Tech Prep, lab students design a computer network. They make the cables to connect the computers and networking devices, and put an operating system on the computers. They also learn to configure the switches, wired routers, and wireless routers. Setting up the computers and all of the network devices includes setting the security features to make sure that only those who have permission have access to information on the network. The network is then tested to make sure it works as planned. If not, the students troubleshoot the network and make corrections.

The MVCTC Students who graduate from the Computer Network Engineering Tech Prep program are employed as computer network technicians or computer repair technicians. Many of these students continue their education while working. Approximately 90% of the graduating students go on to college.

An agreement with Sinclair Community College allows the students to earn up to 27 semester hours in the MVCTC lab. Students also have the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree in Computer Network Engineering from Sinclair by taking Dual Enrollment Classes their senior year and completing seven online classes with Sinclair Community College while attending MVCTC.

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Industry Standard Certificates

  • CCNA

Based on the most recent Ohio State Report Card Data for this MVCTC Career Technical Program

  • 100% of students were working, in college, or the military one-year after completing this program
  • 100% of the students that completed this program obtained technical skills

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