August 2020 Construction Updates from Dr. Weldy


I apologize that it has been months since I have been able to provide a construction update. COVID-19 has dominated our spring and summer and I hope to get back on track with regular construction updates this fall. Thanks to good weather and a determined construction team, the construction project continued on schedule this summer. The project did lose approximately four days due to a minor COVID-19 situation, but has managed to stay close to the expected schedule.

The focus has been to finish the South Wing (agricultural programs) first and then work to complete the North Wing (trade and industrial programs). The hope is that the district will be able to occupy both of these wings in the second semester of the current school year. Our target move-in date is mid to late December.

In the South Wing, all of the concrete slabs have been poured and the vast majority of the ‘heavy’ work has been completed. Most of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing has been installed. In some spaces, the contractors have already installed the drywall and started painting. It is moving along well and looks much different than just a year ago.

The North Wing, is slightly behind the South Wing. As contractors finish on the South Wing, they then move to the North Wing. Masonry block and concrete is still being installed in the North Wing. In the near future, the remainder of the trades will install the HVAC, electrical and plumbing.

In the courtyard you can see that the construction team has started moving to the next phase of our plan. Because students and staff were not on campus this spring and summer, we gave the construction team permission to start their work on the spine early. On the west side of the South Wing, you can see the dirt pad that will eventually become the Multi-Purpose Activity Center (MAC) and the associated kitchen facilities. In approximately a month, the contractors will start setting the steel for the MAC. They will then begin to move north working on the foundation for the spine. In January/February, demolition will begin on the East building to allow full access to the spine construction area. The construction team will work in this area for about two years as they complete the two-story spine, which constitutes a large amount of the square footage related to our overall project.

Gilbane’s Project Executive, Matt Niemeyer, stated that “we look forward to seeing students and staff return to the MVCTC campus, even under these difficult circumstances of COVID.  Gilbane and our construction team have made great strides over the summer and we look forward to everyone seeing the progress.  Also, we have continuously worked with Dr. Weldy and Dr. Lacey to maintain safety throughout the campus and to maintain separation from construction activities and school activities.”

I hope you enjoyed this update! Be sure to check out the new photos that I have added to provide a peek into the interior spaces.

Dr. Nick Weldy