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Program Information

Computer Technology Academy

“The Computer Technology Academy is a high-level program that will give you the foundation for a career in the ever-growing IT field. This program is both challenging and rewarding and will give you a head start on your college and/or professional career.”

Program Activities

  • Learn about electronics, computer networking, and home automation. Digital home technologies can include the design and management of computer networks, audio and video, telephone, security and surveillance. This specialty area will prepare you for a career in "Smart Home Technology."
  • Learn about operating systems, troubleshooting PC problems, working with end-users, and build your own computer which you may keep. Also, prepare for the CompTIA A Certification Exam.
  • Learn to create software applications with JAVA including smart phone app development, 3D animations, computer games, and interactive web applications using programming code and specialized software. You will also design a complete web e-commerce site using PHP programming and create web pages that have creative visitor interaction.
  • Learn to use ArcGIS software and satellite simulation software. You will also learn to make informational maps from digital images, geographic information, and demographic information. Learn how to analyze this information and apply it to real world situations.
Technology is all around us. Computers have become an everyday part of our lives, the demand for trained Information Technology employees is increasing with every new technology that appears in our lives. In the Computer Technology Academy students will learn core skills essential to a successful career in the IT field and will also be introduced to four exciting pathways.

During the junior year, students will spend a quarter with each of our four instructors learning the basics of each area and have the opportunity to earn up to 15 college credit hours in core IT concepts. All students enrolled in the CTA are also eligible to receive a $3,000 Tech Prep scholarship to Sinclair. At the end of the junior year, students will be able to choose a specialization area to concentrate on during senior year and possibly earn more college credit in their specialized field.

Students who successfully complete the Computer Technology Academy have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, earn a $3,000 Tech Prep scholarship to any of the 6 IT pathways at Sinclair and gain hands-on experience in a variety of new technologies. The IT field is constantly changing and growing. The workplace will demand that IT professionals be well rounded and diversely trained. The CTA provides our students with this diversity and a broad range of learning opportunities. It prepares students to make an informed decision about college and also trains students to be ready for the workplace.

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